Saturday, 10 November 2012

Check Your Nadi Dosha Astrology Before Marriage

Astrology has been known to the Indians sine the early civilizations and has been in practice since then till today. Even though science and technology have developed so much, the belief in astrology still prevails. Especially when it comes to match making, people emphasize more on horoscopes. This is because it is believed that two people will make a good pair if certain points in the horoscope are compatible.

Nadi Dosh

One of the important Kootas for match making is the Nadi astrology. Each Nakshatra has a particular set of biological constitution. This is called Nadi. There are three different types of Nadi. The Adi Nadi means start, Madhya means middle and Antya means end. All the 27 Nakshatras fall under these three. When a boy and girl have the same Nadi, it means that they have a similar biological composition. And hence the fetus will incorporate the maximum from one type, which is not healthy. This will result in problems for the child right from inception. Sometimes people may not even conceive due to this.

There are eight Ashtas that are used to check different types of compatibility in horoscope matching. They are Varna to check work, Vashya to check dominance, Tara to check destiny, Yoni to check mentality, Graha Maitri to check general compatibility, Gana to check guna-level, Bhakoota to check love and Nadi to check health compatibilities respectively. Due to its importance, Nadi has been given the maximum number of points out of the 36 points in horoscope matching. If the Nadi dosh astrology does not match between two people, then there is a definite no to their marriage.

Exceptions And Consideration

There are however some exceptions. People who have the same Nakshatra but different rasi are considered safe from Nadi dosha. Similarly people of the same rasi but different Nakshatra are also safe. But sometimes there may be people who find everything else compatible between the two but only the Nadi being the same. In that case there are some remedies that can be tried out.

Pranayama and Yogasanas can help in bringing about a change in the body system to some extent. There are also some rituals and pujas that people believe will help in curing the Nadi dosha.

So it is always better to consult an expert when all the other compatibilities are good except the Nadi. May be there are some practices that may help in both the persons leading a good life together. Hence it is always wise to make use of all the knowledge available and then take decisions especially when it comes to life.

Our Vedic Astrologer provided Daily Rashifal, Bhakoot Dosh Remedies and Kundali Matching Report between the two persons.

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